How to Choose the Right Scaffolding Contractor for Your Project?

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Scaffolding is one of the most widely used structures you can see in almost all types of construction projects. Be it your home renovation plan or commercial construction – you will need a robust and efficient scaffolding structure to execute the daily tasks that involve reaching a certain height and accessing hostile areas.

Choosing the right scaffolding contract in Surrey is highly required to ensure the quality of the service you are getting. Certain factors determine the credibility of a company as a scaffolding expert in the local industry.

The Different Types of Scaffolding - Explained

Important Factors to Consider for Scaffolding Hire

Project Location

It will be helpful if you find someone local for scaffolding hire for your building project.
Hiring a company that is located far away from your project location will add more complexity. When you get the scaffold from out of the town, you need to pay extra for shipping and transport costs. This is why you must choose a local company with a great reputation.

Experience of the Team

Handling scaffolding is not easy. It demands in-depth knowledge and a lot of experience. There are vital factors that these experts have to understand, like project requirements, risks associated with the project, types of scaffolding, safety measures and modern technologies related to scaffolds. Without proper experience, no one can manage all these things smoothly and seamlessly.

Insured Services

Scaffolding use involves a lot of risks. A lot of construction workers get injured and die due to scaffolding accidents. Thus, you must consider hiring a scaffolding company that provides fully insured services. This will make you feel relaxed, and you know that the workers will be fully insured if anything bad happens while working on your project.

Safety Awareness

While working with scaffolding structures, it is mandatory to maintain all the safety protocols. Ensure that the scaffolding company you hire has definite specific policies, guidelines and regulations for safety. You should ask them about their safety regulations before you sign the deal with the company.

Training and Qualification

The company and its workers must have proper training about scaffolding installation and the process of disassembling the same. They should be well aware of their responsibilities while working on clients’ sites.

STAK Scaffold is a renowned scaffolding contractor in Surrey. We offer safe and efficient scaffolding services for all types of building projects. Our company offer fully insured services at are most competitive prices. Please get in touch with our team to know in detail about our services.

4 Scaffolding Mistakes in Construction: Know How to Avoid Them

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Scaffolding structures are designed and developed to offer maximum security and easy access to construction workers working in hostile positions. As long as you use these structures rightly, scaffold towers can be the most efficient and useful aid for construction projects, especially while working at height.

Construction workers need to go high while working on big projects. They also need to get easy access to difficult areas like under-construction lifts or the top of the roof of a tall building. Reliable contractors of Scaffolding in London can provide the right quality products and efficient services.

Nonetheless, if these structures are not used correctly, accidents can happen. Hence, improper knowledge or negligence can cause serious issues and open up the workers to major physical risks.

Common Scaffolding Mistakes

Working at Height in Strong Winds

No one should go and work at height when there is a strong wind blowing outside. Strong wind makes it difficult and risky to stand still at height. Though modern scaffolds always have additional safety measures like a handrail to ensure the utmost safety of the users, it is better to avoid using the tower if the wind is heavily blowing.

•Using Other Objects to Increase the Height

It is risky to add other objects like a chair or plastic box to the structure to gain a little bit more height to get a bit closer to your aimed spot. Scaffolding contractors never allow their users to do such things. Instead, you can ask them to make some modifications to the structure to make it more useful as per your requirements. Top scaffolding experts can offer bespoke design and style for their clients to fulfil their diverse requirements.

•Using Cheap Scaffold Towers

If you think that cheap scaffold towers will save you money, you are making a big mistake. Cheap structures will increase the risks and chance of having accidents which will be more expensive than the cost of the scaffolding service. You should always use top-quality scaffold towers from the most popular and reliable contractors of Scaffolding Surrey.

•Being Careless While Using Scaffolding Structures

Moving carelessly while using scaffolding towers will increase your life risk. It is advised by the experts to be highly careful and extra conscious about your safety while working at height. Follow the safety norms given by your scaffolding experts to avoid risks and injuries.

Stak Scaffold Ltd offers top-quality scaffolding solutions to businesses and individual clients located in London and Surrey. If you need one for your upcoming project, you can trust our services and products. We have vast experience in this industry. Our qualified experts can help you in avoiding mistakes and using the structures in the right way.
Please get in touch with us for more information.

Scaffolding Inspections: All That You Need to Know  

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Scaffolding structures are an important part of every large-scale construction project. While erecting scaffolds, the project managers conduct thorough inspections to ensure whether the safety measures are intact. Working on the scaffold at such a great height is extremely dangerous. The workers have to trust in the strength and stability of the structure to avoid dangerous accidents.  


The inspections of the Scaffolding in Sussex is, therefore, a very crucial requirement. Only trained and competent individuals with valid certifications should perform this job to supervise scaffold operations. They will check the rigidity and quality of all the materials used to safeguard the workers to the maximum.  


Information Needed for Scaffold Inspection 


A scaffold inspection is a close examination of the scaffold erection to check whether it is safe to use by the workers and passersby. They inspect the structure every week to confirm whether it is safe to commence and continue work. If they identify any potential threat factors, then the structure is immediately dismantled.  

The inspectors should prepare a report mentioning all the vital information such as – 


  • The name and address of the person who needs the scaffolding
  • The name and position of the inspector 
  • Date, Time and Location of the inspection
  • Description of the place of inspection and the construction project site
  • The risks and details of the defect  
  • Details about the actions taken to remedy the problems 
  • Details of any other further, necessary action  


Who Can Carry Out a Scaffold Inspection? 


As per the HSE guidelines, only a competent and knowledgeable person with training and experience is appropriate for this task. They should be capable of rightfully inspecting the category and complexity of the scaffold. In many cases, the scaffold manufacturing company provide scaffold inspection services; however, you can also hire independent scaffolders to complete that position.  


You can inspect a simple, basic scaffold structure if you have attended the CISRS scaffold inspection course.  For a complex structure, you have to undergo the advanced CISRS Scaffold Inspection training.  


Scaffold Design 


The rules require a scaffold assembling according to the standardised regulatory configurations. The manufacturers must design it after bespoke calculations to reach the desired level of durability, strength and ease of dismantling.  

You can create a successful scaffold structure by providing all this relevant information of the manufacturers – 


  • location and site details 
  • time for which you need the scaffold  
  • type of scaffold which you need
  • height, length, maximum boarding capacity 
  • access to the scaffold via ladders or staircases 
  • need for external ladders, netting, brick guards, sheeting 
  • whether there are scaffold building restrictions 
  • designing of additional elements like loading bays, beamed bridges etc  
  • provisions for pedestrian walkway, tie locations restrictions, provision for mechanical handling plant like a hoist etc 
  • nature of the supporting structure etc 
  • restrictions which can affect alteration, dismantling and erection  
  • reference number and other data for recording and cross-checking information 


The scaffold inspections should follow this routine- 


  • following proper instructions for installation before using it at first 
  • checks after an interval of every 7 days  
  • liable factors which can jeopardise the safety of the installation like high blowing wind and or electrical lines etc


For more information, consult Stak Scaffold for high standard domestic and commercial scaffold service. 


Scaffolding Regulations: Know Them before You Start Using

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Working at a height can be challenging and daunting. This is not at all similar to working on the ground. The risks will become 50%-70% higher. There are scaffolding structures specially designed and manufactured for executing such jobs, but risks are still there.

This is why the UK Government comes with certain scaffolding regulations to manage this kind of operations and ensure the safety of workers who need to work in this situation.

Falling from height is a leading cause of death and injuries for construction workers. Hence, it becomes imperative to follow proper procedures while working on scaffolding at height.

Scaffolding Rules

  • In case you have to put up scaffolding at your site, you must use a licensed builder or scaffolding contractor who has proper training and efficiency for this industry.
  • Your responsibility is to ensure that your builder or scaffolding contractor has a proper license and legal documents to approach your industry.
  • It would be best if you asked your local council to get a list of approved scaffolding contractors in your area.
  • You should arrange proper training for your workers who will be using the scaffolding structures and make them aware of the potential hazards.
  • In case you cannot arrange a training session, take the help of your scaffolding contractor to ensure safety.

Instructions to Use Scaffolding

  1. You should give your workers thorough instructions regarding the correct use of scaffolding. They should know when and how to use safety harnesses. Your workers must understand how to keep themselves and others safe while working at a certain height. They should also be aware of the weight restrictions the scaffolding might have.
  2. A clear idea about different types of scaffolding, their proper use, safety measures and mechanism will help them to stay confident and safe during their duty hours.

At Stak Scaffold Ltd provides affordable and reliable scaffolding services in London for both commercial and domestic projects. We have highly trained and experienced experts who can help you in maintaining the safety regulations.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our services.


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    Scaffolding Safety Inspections: Know Everything in Details

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    Most of the scaffolding regulations in the UK boil down to a single requirement – safety. There are specific rules and regulations that one needs to follow and timely inspections to guarantee scaffolding safety. Moreover, since scaffolding accidents continue to happen, an inspection of safety during scaffold installing and assembling is mandatory. Consult the reputable manufacturer and scaffolder  in Kent for guaranteed product and services.  


    Scaffolding Planning Regulations 


    The state’s planning procedure usually involves lots of work; however, the scaffolding contractors must have this information set for safe design.  


    • Data about the site location
    • Information on the building structure where they will use the scaffolding 
    • Time and duration of the project
    • The purpose of the scaffold
    • Other special requirements
    • Kind of scaffold access 
    • Estimate number of boarded lifts
    • Maximum load per lift
    • Condition of the ground
    • Necessary restrictions, if any


    Given all these details, the contractors can now provide specific information to the user/client about the scaffold design and regulations which they have to adhere to- 


    • The type of scaffold
    •  Maximum lift heights
    • Maximum leg loads
    • Maximum lift heights
    • Arrangement for platform boarding 
    • The safe working load
    • Details of other unique requirements
    • Date, reference number, date etc. to record the procedure  

    What is Scaffolding Inspection? 

    A competent and trained person who has proper knowledge and experience in this field of work must execute the inspection of scaffolding structures. They must have expertise in examining all types and complexities of structure. In most cases, scaffolding inspections are a part of the service provided by scaffold manufacturing companies. Otherwise, some independent inspectors and or professionals perform this job.  


    These professionals ensure that the scaffolding structure is safe, stable and secure. There are initial stages of the inspection followed by weekly ones to check for faults. Complete scaffold evaluations are also a must after storms or other severe weather conditions.  


    The comprehensive report will include the following details –


    • Name and address of the client who hired the scaffolding
    • Name, the position of the in-charge inspector
    • Time and date of inspection
    • The location where the inspection happened
    • Detailed report of risks and hazards, faults and how to resolve them instantly 
    • Notice of any further action like halting work until after they do proper repairs etc 

    Who can carry out Scaffolding Inspection? 


    This is an essential service to ensure the complete safety of the scaffold structure that you will use. Consult independent inspectors whose job is to execute this task after scaffolding installation is complete. These inspectors will charge additional fees for this task.  


    On the other hand, some companies provide inspection as part of the total service of the scaffolding work. The team members will carry out inspections which will save you the expense of additional costs.  


    Check whether these inspectors have undergone the CISRS scaffold inspection course to acquire competency for examining scaffold structures. For complex commercial scaffolds, hiring a CISRS advanced cardholder is necessary. 


    For more information, consult Stak Scaffold for assured, high-quality professional scaffolding structure. 


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    Free Scaffolding Quote and Consultation
    We’re able to offer a free scaffolding quote and consultation process to help you with your project. Our reliable and friendly team of scaffolders can help you with scaffolding work for your building project in a safe and reliable manner, and we’re more than happy to advise you of the costs and details involved beforehand so you have as clear a picture as possible.
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      Common Issues Which Can Damage Your Scaffolding System

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      High-quality scaffolds are an integral part of every construction site, irrespective of the size of your project. It enables construction workers to work at height without worrying about their safety. Modern scaffolds have changed the way how buildings are constructed.  You can hire the temporary structure and erect it quickly. You can reap all the benefits offered by it by choosing a reputable company for Scaffolding in West Sussex. The primary objective of erecting scaffolds is to make construction sites safer, so you should know the common issues that can damage the structure.

      Things To Consider If You Want To Prevent Your Scaffolding System From Getting Damaged

      Harsh Climatic Conditions

      A sudden change in climate conditions can damage the system. Though you don’t have to worry much if you stay in a city experiencing a pleasant climate throughout the year, beware of extreme weather. High heat, cold, or excess precipitation can damage the equipment’s condition, and its material will start rusting. Even a bit of rust can deteriorate the condition of the system and eventually break it. Unpredictable weather can also cause unforeseen problems and delays in your construction project.

      Overloaded Scaffolds

      An overloaded scaffolding system can be pretty disastrous and compromise the safety of the people using it. It is the responsibility of construction workers to ensure that they don’t place more load on it than it is capable of withstanding. An overloaded can damage the system’s structural integrity.  The load capacity of each scaffold differs, so get in touch with the company offering scaffold hire to know the exact load capacity of the structure you have hired. It is not only about the load you are putting on the system; you should also avoid exceeding the maximum number of workers allowed at a time.

      Lack Of A Competent Person

      If you fail to hire a competent and trained person for erecting or dismantling the scaffolding system, the structure will be more prone to damage and destruction. The person should undergo proper training to identify existing or predictable hazards in its surroundings, especially in their working conditions. The safety of construction workers can get compromised due to hazardous or unsanitary working conditions. The person erecting or using the structure should have the authorisation to do it and undertake corrective measures to eliminate hazards.

      Consider the points stated above, and you can prevent your scaffolding system from getting damaged.

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      Free Scaffolding Quote and Consultation
      We’re able to offer a free scaffolding quote and consultation process to help you with your project. Our reliable and friendly team of scaffolders can help you with scaffolding work for your building project in a safe and reliable manner, and we’re more than happy to advise you of the costs and details involved beforehand so you have as clear a picture as possible.
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        Five Different Activities That Require Scaffolding Services

        Scaffolding Surrey

        Scaffolding structures are an essential and crucial requirement in every construction project. Made by the Scaffolder in Brighton, it ensures the safety and easy work for the employees. Be it a small construction project or a large one, scaffolds enhance work efficiency, productivity and protection. Besides being valuable and time-saving, every project manager should also inspect these structures for maximum reliability.

        There are a handful of activities and jobs which makes use of the scaffolding structures. While safety and accessibility is a prime requirement, it also serves many other benefits.

        Use of Scaffolding Services in Different Sectors

        For Home Improvement

        Every homeowner should install scaffoldings while going ahead with a kitchen or home extension project. It is further needed if you plan to convert your loft space or replace the rundown roof. After you erect the scaffolds, the workers find it convenient and comfortable to work because of the easy accessibility that it provides. The platforms help reach high altitudes like the roof without fearing the risk of falling. For greater assurance, always consult the reliable scaffolders who build steady and robust scaffolding platforms for construction work purpose.

        For Painting and Decoration

        Painters are expected to work at substantial heights because it is part of their job. To paint the outside or exteriors of tall buildings, scaffolding structures are the ideal solution. The painters get adequate protection from the secure scaffolds that also function as a good working platform. Additionally, they can place their painting tools and equipment while moving and working on all sides of the building with safe access.

        For window cleaning

        Window cleaning is a challenging job, especially if the workers have the requirement to clean the building’s outside windows. This is where the scaffolding structures come to their immediate rescue. Be it for large commercial buildings, hotels, offices or retail shops; the cleaners stand on these steady scaffold platforms to do their job effortlessly. The scaffolders ensure complete safety for the workers by attaching guardrails to reduce fatal injuries or fall.

        For Building Inspection

        Building inspections are a regular job. The inspectors have to check the safety, credibility of the high rise structures. However, the inspection process can become a bit difficult without proper support structures. The installed scaffolds help them review the building infrastructures, located at great heights above ground level. Besides, they should check if the installation is done after adhering to proper safety standards.

        At Stak Scaffold, we provide reliable scaffolding services for domestic and commercial projects. Our scaffolders have training and expertise to build steady structures and robust platforms while guaranteeing safety for all.

        All You Need To Know Before Erecting Scaffolding In London

        Scaffolder Sussex

        Scaffolding is a temporary structure erected at construction sites to support workers and materials while constructing or repairing buildings. Few of the common materials used to build the structure are barrier netting, safety nets, tarpaulins, fence tarps and scaffold nets. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by the structure, enhance your knowledge about it.

        Few Benefits Offered By Scaffolding In London

        • Reduce the risk of falling and by providing a horizontal area for workers to walk. The structure is robust enough to withstand strong wind. You don’t have to worry that strong wind will make it unstable.
        • Workers can easily reach places situated at a height if the structure covers the building completely.
        • Workers can properly balance themselves on the structure while working. 
        • Modern scaffoldings are movable so workers can reach different heights using the same unit.
        • Numerous workers can work together in the same structure which helps in completing the job quickly.

        Few Common Types Of Scaffolding In London

        • Supported scaffolding is used on sites where you have to evaluate while working. They are capable of pulling up extra weight as they are quite strong.
        • Suspended scaffoldings are hung from tall constructs or roofs where there is no structural base. They are ideal for cleaning windows or the exteriors of high-rise buildings.
        • Single mobile unit scaffoldings are more popular than multi scaffolding units as the former is safer and you can move them from one construction site to another.
        • Rolling scaffoldings have wheels that allow the structure to move around the entire construction site. The only disadvantage is that you can’t construct numerous structures for the same building.
        • Aerial scaffolding is widely preferred by construction workers as it allows them to safely move with heavy materials from one level of a multi-storey building to another.

        It’s time you get in touch with Stakscaffold and hire a scaffolding structure.

        Does Loft Conversion Need Scaffolding

        Loft Conversion

        Loft Conversion can turn out to be an excellent transformation for your place. Loft conversion helps us make better use of every nook and corner of our homes, office, or apartments. Whether or not you will require scaffolding for your loft conversion process, depends on various circumstances and factors. You can always tend to hire a scaffolder in Kent depending on these circumstances and factors.

        When You Require Scaffolding for Loft Conversion?

        Whether or not you will require scaffolding during a loft conversion process depends a lot on where the property is located. More than the property’s location, where you are getting the loft conversion will impact the requirement of scaffolding. You may require scaffolding for these reasons –

        • Scaffolding may be required to get access to the rooftop.
        • Scaffolding offers protection against awful weather.
        • Scaffolding provides an excellent platform to work on.

        Why Get Scaffolding?

        Whether the loft conversion of your property requires scaffolding or not, you can always get one. A scaffolding offers the builders with extra support and convenience. Here are the benefits of getting a scaffolding –

        • The scaffolding offers weather protection, access to otherwise hard-to-access parts, and a supportive working platform.
        • Workers can carry on with their work without getting disrupted by the atrocious weather.

        Things to Check Before Getting a Scaffolding

        Suppose your property is right beside a public road or street, too close to the neighbouring property, or situated over the conservatory. In that case, you may have to get permission from the local authority to build scaffolding for your loft conversion.

        Getting a Scaffolding is always a great idea. You can call Stakscaffold if you require a robust Scaffolding.

        The Different Types of Scaffolding – Explained

        Scaffolder Croydon

        At any construction site, you would need to ensure that the workers are provided with the right support element to get the best results. Scaffolding is one of them.

        It is the platform on which workers can move with the materials to carry on with their work. This is more of a temporary platform made of timber and steel. You can build scaffolding in Brighton of excellent quality once you know the different types available.

        4 Type of Scaffolding

        Get to know more about the kind of scaffolding are there and choose the right one for you –

        • Single Scaffolding

        This kind of scaffolding is mainly used for building masonry buildings and is also known as brick layered scaffolding. This is made up of one framework, putlogs and ledgers against the wall, which is under construction. These scaffolding are located at a distance of 1.2 meters from the wall.

        • Cantilever Scaffolding

        This scaffolding can be either single or double type. It is supported by needles which are taken out through the wall. This sort of scaffolding is used when the ground is not hard enough to support another kind of scaffolding. This is the best choice for construction on a busy street or a multi-storied building.

        • Double Scaffolding

        This kind of scaffolding is mainly used in the construction of stone masonry sites. This scaffolding is known to provide better support than single scaffolding. Unlike single scaffolding, this one has two standards separated by strong ledgers for more substantial support. It is placed at a distance of 1.5 meters from the walls.

        • Trestle Scaffolding

        This kind of scaffolding can be best defined as a working platform supported by two ladders on both sides and are movable. You can quickly move this scaffolding from one place to the other because of the portable ladders. No putlogs, ledgers, or standards are used in this one.

        You can hire Stakscaffold for any of your scaffolding needs. They can provide you with all types of scaffolding service for every need you have.