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High scaffolds are dangerous work places if adequate safety precautions are not followed. In this blog, we discuss a list of safety tips that can mitigate the risks of working on scaffolding structures in the UK.

Correctly Trained Workers

Present day safety regulations demand that all workers working on or near scaffolding structures be precisely trained in the science and investiture of scaffolding structures. Details to be imbibed include how to get on and off scaffolds, how to avert falls, and ways to respond to contingencies at work.

Worker Readiness

Before taking up positions and embarking on scaffolding work, a worker has to run a series of checks on the structure to make sure that the scaffold will hold up for the duration of the job. These checks include making sure that the base is secure and level, and correctly tuned to the lean of the building, if any. Further, all planks and guard rails must be checked to be in place; and obstacles, wires, and details of the weather are all taken into account.

Licensed Scaffolding Firms

Some owners of scaffolding businesses choose to evade licensing norms and operate on a whim, using a bunch of untrained or semi-trained workers and specious building material. This subjects the construction workers and future building occupants to danger.

Staying Under Capacity Load

At the outset, when the scaffolding service is designed, it is imperative that all the different kinds of loads weighing down on the scaffold during construction and set up are taken into account. To make sure that the scaffolding structure is safe for all involved, do not overload it with more workers and equipment than it is rated to hold. Moreover, make sure that the guardrails are not being infringed.

Platform Security

Scaffoldings are generally supported by or attached to the buildings they are set up next to. If the bracing is loose, it may cause an end to come apart, compromising the stability of the structure. Bracing and securing systems on scaffolds need to have their components move freely to get into positions during assembly and dismantling.

Maximise Protection from Guardrails

When designing a scaffold over 10 feet high, a construction company must ensure the presence of guard rails on all three sides of a worker that face away from the building. The side facing the building should also, ideally, be protected by guard rails. It’s important to note that guard rails are not meant to be viewed as substitutes for fall protection gear, which need to worn by workers at all times.

Following the safety tips outlined above would ensure that workers and their supervisors have no problem working on high scaffolds on their way to completing a job. If you’re looking for a firm with expertise in scaffolding work, you would be well served to acquaint yourself with our work at Stak Scaffolding. Visit us today for a discussion on your project.

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