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Since there are numerous high-rise buildings scattered all over London, STAK Scaffold is the one you can approach for easy scaffolding hire. Over the years, we have projected ourselves as one of the most reliable companies offering excellent scaffolding services. Our focus is always on making scaffold hire, installation and dismantling easier for our clients. Approach us for scaffolding in London and you can make the most of the structure.

We take much pride in stating that we are one of the most reliable scaffolding companies in London. If you are interested in hiring, erecting or removing scaffolding, STAK Scaffold is the name you can trust. With years of industry presence, all our trained employees try to make your work done within the shortest span of time.

Rules We Follow When Erecting Scaffolding

  • Take all the required permission before installing a scaffold.
  • Select the right time for scaffolding work when erecting the structure in public places.
  • Take the highway closure permission from the local council.
  • Check the quality of the scaffolding and inspect it at regular intervals.
  • Visit the site after extreme weather conditions to inspect the structure.
  • Employ only trained and experienced professionals for scaffolding installation and removal.

About Our Scaffolders

At STAK Scaffold, we believe that our scaffolders’ experience and expertise is the base of our success. We employ each member personally so you can be assured of our services exceeding your expectations. To minimise the risks involved with scaffolding work, they adhere to the government’s rules and regulation. Everyone in our team is fully qualified and undergo training at fixed intervals.

Why Choose Us For Scaffolding In London?

  • Have years of industry presence and a vast clientele.
  • Always use supreme quality products to ensure the durability of the scaffold
  • Renowned for offering fast and safe service and ensure 100% client’s satisfaction.
  • Designers engaged in drawing accurate designs have years of industry presence
  • Abide by all the government rules and regulations for complete peace of mind

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Scaffolding London

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