Erect Scaffolding in London

Accidents at workplaces are generally caused by poorly installed scaffolding. The workers who are not able to work on a strong base will certainly face risks. To ensure safety and efficiency at the workplace, following some of the steps that will help you have secure and stable scaffolding in London is very important.

This detailed guide will tell you how properly the site should be assessed, how specific needs should be valued, and how to make the right measurements. Necessary tools and equipment are needed to install the scaffolding correctly. The site should be properly prepared, too, before the installation is done.

There is no fixed size for scaffolding erection, but the pointers below will help you get the most out of it.

Stepwise Guide to Install the Scaffolding at the Construction Site

  • Having A Secure And Safe Foundation

When you talk about erecting scaffolding at the construction site, you need to find a secure and safe foundation. Depending on the location where the scaffolding is being installed, choose the base plates or mud sills to attach the huge structure. When choosing the foundation, you must pick a location close to the building you are working on.

  • Do You Need The Structure To Be Moved?

When the scaffolding is being assembled, you have to evaluate the structure and whether it must be moved. When working on domestic buildings, the structure must be moved at times. Hence, casters should be attached to the bottom of the structure for free movement.

  • Assembling the Foundation

It is the trickiest part of the scaffolding installation. Putting together all the components, like the guard rails, ledgers, and support poles, is crucial as they can get moved too fast if they need to be properly arranged.

  • Put In The Planks Together

Once the structure is up, safe, and secured, simply side in the wooden planks in the bars of the structure. Good quality hardware ensures that the planks are secured and will not move.

  • Final Checks

Once the scaffolding is erected correctly, you will want to do the final check to ensure that the structure is safe and effective when used.

These are some of the steps that are followed in scaffolding installation. STAK Scaffold Ltd offers one of the best scaffolding installation services for both commercial and domestic scaffolding projects. Call us and discuss your requirements now.

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