Domestic Scaffolding: Why You Should Consider Them for Home Improvement Projects?

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The use of scaffolding is not only common at commercial sites. Many domestic properties also need scaffolding towers to finish home improvement or house extension projects rightly. Professional scaffolders offer a range of services for both commercial and domestic projects in Brighton.

Before you hire their service and erect a structure at your home for refurbishment tasks, it is required that you know some basic facts about these towers.

What Kind of Scaffolding Structures Are Good for Domestic Projects?

• Roofers and Painters Scaffolds
• Bricklayers Scaffolds
• Pavement Scaffolds
• Gantry and Loading Bays
• Birdcages
• Chimney Stacks
• Access Towers

How to Choose the Right Scaffolding for Your Domestic Project?

It is crucial to determine the type of scaffold towers you need for a specific domestic construction or renovation project. For example, you will need a roofer or painter scaffold when it comes to installing a new roof or painting the exterior wall. If it is chimney work that has to be done, you must ask for chimney stacks. Access towers or birdcages are good for general renovation and construction works.

It is always advisable to take suggestions from your builder or your scaffolding expert to know which type of tower would be the best option for the home improvement or building works you intend to conduct.

Why Use Scaffolding?

These structures or towers facilitate the execution of all your construction or renovation tasks in a smooth and orderly manner. The main purpose of these units is to give you and your workers easy access to various hostile places while working on a domestic construction project.

These units also ensure the safety of the users. If you are involved in a DIY project for your domestic property, it is essential to keep yourself safe during the entire task. Modern scaffolding units are designed and manufactured with utmost safety features. Thus, the chances of slipping and falling or meeting with accidents while working on domestic projects can be minimized when you use top-quality scaffolding units.

Why Work with Professional Scaffolding Contractors?

Professional and licensed scaffolding contractors always offer the best quality products along with full insurance. That means you can order the service with complete assurance and mental peace. The safety of your workers is of paramount importance, and ensuring the same through the course of your domestic project should receive your attention.

Stak Scaffold offers domestic and commercial scaffolding services at competitive prices. We have in-depth knowledge about scaffolding erection and dismantling. Our company offers fully insured services. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Top Reasons Stating Why Builders Use Aluminium Scaffolding

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When construction work is being done, the builder follows all safety features. The labourers work on heights, which exposes them to different types of dangers. To prevent any untoward incident, the builders generally install scaffolds at the construction site.

Importance of Scaffolding:

Scaffolds are temporary metal platforms which protect the builders from accidents. You can spot them on all construction sites. Steel and aluminium are the two popular metals used in the manufacture of scaffolding.

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Why Are Builders Choosing Aluminium Scaffolding?

The builders who use scaffolding in London are choosing aluminium over steel. In this blog, you can find the top reasons behind this choice.

Light in Weight: Aluminium scaffolding weighs much lesser than steel. The builders have to worry less about transporting the structures to different locations. The weight of the whole structure makes it easy to store, install and dismantle it easily.

Long-Lasting: Aluminium scaffoldings can withstand all weather conditions compared to other metals. The inner core of the scaffolding does not get damaged even when it gets scratched. Aluminium also has better water resistance properties than steel. The structure can be utilised for a long haul as it is rustproof.

Reduced Labour Cost: There is a reduced need for labour while installing and dismantling aluminium scaffolding. The parts of the structure can be easily transported to a smaller vehicle. This means the builders need fewer people to carry the scaffolding structure. The aluminium scaffolding is also integral in reducing the overall material cost.

Easy to Use: The aluminium scaffolds come with strong casters. This helps the installation and disassembling process easier than other metal scaffoldings. The base of the scaffold is connected by bolts, which helps to establish a robust structure. It also does not need any additional tools for installation. These features help to reduce the time for installation and dismantling.

Versatile Usage: Aluminium scaffoldings can be used in a number of projects. You can get the narrow span and wide span scaffolds for construction work. They also come with folded base structures, which help you establish the base of the scaffolding instantly. You may also brief the manufacturers to get bespoke scaffold structures.

For the above reasons, aluminium is emerging as a steady competitor to steel scaffoldings. If you want to ensure fast and hassle-free construction work, consult Stak Scaffold. We are a reputed supplier of scaffolding in London. We cater to all construction projects by providing strong and durable scaffolding structures.

Scaffolding for Construction Projects: Why It is the Right Choice?

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Construction is one of those industries in the UK where the rate of on-site accidents, injuries, and death is higher than in other fields. Thus, the requirement of maintaining the safety of workers is also more crucial in construction sites than other industries where risks are involved in various forms. This is why construction business owners, site managers, civil engineers and workers always prefer to use scaffolding towers to ensure safety at the site in London.

What is a Scaffolding Structure?

These are the temporary platforms used to support and elevate materials and construction workers, engineers, architects and others during their daily operations of the building, repairing, renovating and cleaning of a structure or equipment.

Whether it is a lofty flyover, a bridge on a river or a high-rise building in the middle of the city – these platforms will ensure that the workers can reach a certain height and point as per the requirements of their daily schedules along with materials and their tools.

These platforms are designed and built to perform different tasks that are common in construction sites. Some have ladders, some have planks of convenient sizes, and some have handrails or foot areas to support the users depending on the use and form.

Why Scaffolding is a Good Choice for Construction Sites?

• The main benefit of using a reliable scaffolding tower at a construction site is it provides support to workers and ensures their safety at height.

• Apart from that, one can get easy access to loft spots in a building while constructing, renovating, cleaning or repairing any components of the same.

• These platforms provide enough space for the workers to sit, stand, walk and carry out their daily work peacefully.

• These platforms are also used to carry various materials and tools to save the time and effort of workers.

Most Common Types of Scaffolding Structures Used in Construction

• Single Scaffolding
• Double Scaffolding
• Steel Scaffolding
• Suspended Scaffolding
• Cantilever Scaffolding
• Patented Scaffolding
• Trestle Scaffolding

These are some of the most common types of platforms that are often used in various construction sites in and around London. Even if you are working on some small scale renovation project or cleaning job at your home, the use of the right scaffolding unit will help you to carry out the task fast and reduce risks.

Stak Scaffold Ltd is one of the leading scaffolding service providers in London. We deliver and install different types of structures as per the requirements of clients’ projects.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

When Can You Use a Scaffolding Tower at Your Project?

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As long as they use safely, scaffolding towers are one of the best tools to access areas at a construction site that are otherwise risky and tough to reach. However, many people think that scaffolds are not necessary for small scale projects. The fact is you can use scaffolding for various types of projects, irrespective of their size, type and scale.

Several types and designs are available for scaffolds based on the type of works they are used for. Be it construction, renovation or maintenance of a property – these towers can be strong support for your workers. There are certain factors to consider before you decide whether your project needs the support of a scaffold or not.

Risk Assessment of the Job

If a thorough risk assessment says that the use of scaffolding structure is required to ensure the safety of workers, you must use the same. A risk assessment must be done by experts as per the regulations of the local building council for a job where workers need to work at height.

Some people think that working at small residential projects does not require the use of scaffolds as a safeguard. The truth is you should not take the matter of safety lightly because you are working on your private property. Ladders can be an option for such works, but the use of robust scaffold units will always increase safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Types of Jobs When Scaffolds Are Highly Required

• Construction of brick walls new buildings
• For lifting objects and people from the ground to higher floors
• Plastering outer walls at the height
• Interior and exterior painting and decorating of walls
• Plastering and painting the ceiling
• Renovation of a building
• Repairs, replacement or renovation of roofing system
• Cleaning and repairing windows at a height

Why Your Project Needs a Scaffolding Tower?

Whenever you need to work at a height for a long period, scaffold units should be installed to provide complete support and ensure your safety at that point. These platforms help the workers;

• To reach a certain height
• To work safely
• To get enough foot space
• To get enough room to keep their tools at height
• To finish the work fast without wasting time

STAK Scaffolding is a renowned company that offers professional scaffolding services in and around London. We offer our services for domestic and commercial properties located in this city. Please get in touch with us for complete information.

Key Factors to Hire Scaffolding Contractors for Your Project

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As the current construction industry has made some unbelievable progress, the need for advanced equipment has become more prominent in this trade. When moving upward or vertical becomes so important, how can you ignore the use of scaffolding in the construction industry?

This is why construction and engineering trades always look for reliable and sustainable scaffolding contractors in London. There are some key points that you must consider while hiring these experts for your upcoming or ongoing construction project in London.

Role of Scaffolding in Modern Day Development

Scaffolding may look just like a structure used in construction and engineering sites, but it has a significant role in determining modern-day development. It enables;

1. Daily operations of construction workers at height
2. Engineering and construction domains
3. Upgrade maintenance and industrial performances
4. Onshore and offshore maintenance of engineering and development tasks

Why Select Scaffolding Contractor?

Working with a certified and licensed scaffolding contractor has many perks. They have something exclusive and reliable to offer their clients that will make your project safe, fast and smooth.

Material Quality

Whether you need a small platform to work indoor for interior walls paints or a larger unit of scaffolding structure to get access to exterior walls – the material quality must be robust and reliable. It should follow the standard of materials determined by building safety councils to avoid risks and damages. These experts always maintain this quality of material while designing and installing the structure.

Competent Workforce

Professional scaffold contractors have skilled and trusted workforce who are aware of all the potential risks and hazards involved in this trade. They have adequate knowledge about all the types of scaffolding units used in the construction and engineering sectors. Their competency will give you mental peace and profit too.

Safety Information

These experts are highly careful about maintaining safety measures while installing or dismantling the unit at your site. They follow safety protocols and help your workers to remain risk-free while working on these structures at your site.

STAK Scaffold Ltd provides the best scaffolding services to both commercial and domestic clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide the right solution at affordable costs.

Please get in touch with us for more information about all our services.

Role of Scaffolding in Modern Construction Industry

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The modern construction industry uses a lot of machines and technologies to perform daily operations in a safer and smarter way. Developers and construction workers aim to finish their daily jobs faster than before while reducing the risk factors is also their target. In this process, robust scaffolding structures help them a lot. These structures are designed, developed and installed to make construction works easier and faster than before.

From builders to construction workers – everyone agrees on the significance of scaffolding in London when it comes to workplace safety and efficiency.

Does Loft Conversion Need Scaffolding

Let’s see what the impacts are of using scaffolding units on construction sites.

Easy Access to Height

Construction workers have to reach height to perform their daily tasks. These lofty units with stable platforms and handrails or ladders make it easier for them to get easy access to those challenging heights without putting themselves at risk.

Secure Working Space

Working on height is not easy. While installing windows or plastering the outer walls of a loft building, these workers have to deal with a lot of challenges. Scaffolding offers them a secure working space. Most of these units have stable, wide and robust platforms where workers can stand, walk and sit as per the requirements of the project.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

When you offer a secure working place to your construction workers, they automatically give their best. Hence, you can enjoy better productivity and improved efficiency from them. This will have a great impact on your overall construction project and make it a successful one.

Reduce Risks and Save Insurance Cost

Construction sites with robust and efficient scaffolding structures are less risky than sites that do not have such facilities. Hence, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on employee liability insurance and reduce the risks of accidents and injuries at your site.

Perform Multiple Tasks

A construction site can have multiple tasks to perform. From building the basic structure to the final decoration – every task can be performed better when you use the right kind of scaffolding unit. Your scaffolding contractor will help you understand which type of platform should be useful for interior painting and decoration and which one should be installed for exterior works.

Stak Scaffold is a well-known company that supply professional scaffolding services in and around London. If you need something outstanding for your next construction or renovation project, you can get in touch with our experts. They will guide you and offer you free quotes.

Top 3 Construction Works Where Scaffolding Use is Must

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It is hard to imagine a construction site without scaffolding structures. Irrespective of the size and pattern of the construction project, the use of robust scaffolding is common in London and all over the UK.

However, different types of construction works use different types of scaffolds as per the pattern of the job and the structural designs of the scaffold. It would be useful for you when you ask your scaffolding contractor about the best kind of structure your project should use based on the ongoing tasks. Experienced scaffold specialists can inspect the site to determine the type of scaffolds you should hire and install. If you are not sure about the type, their suggestions will help you a lot.

Types of Construction Works that Need Scaffolding

Interior Painting, Renovation and Refurbishing: Trestle Scaffolding

Construction sites that involve indoor works like painting, repairs and renovation typically use Trestle Scaffolding. It is generally used up to the height of 5m and idea for works inside rooms. Movable ladders provide support to a flat working platform. In some kind of trestle scaffolds, you can even see the use of tripods instead of movable ladders.

Construction and Repair Works at Higher Levels: Steel Scaffolding

When workers need to access remote and high locations at a construction site, they need something robust, durable and reliable. Steel Scaffolding is one such structure. They are stronger and more reliable in comparison to timber scaffolds. It allows workers to access height without any risks and perform the tasks of construction and renovation easily.

Construction of Larger Walls: Cantilever Scaffolding

When your construction site has large walls to build, and the top levels of these walls are completed, you can use Cantilever Scaffolding to construct the lower parts. If the ground is close to the wall and it remains free from traffic, this type of scaffolding is the finest option for workers. This special structure does not need the support of the ground. Therefore if the ground is not prepared enough to hold the scaffold, this would be the most useful way to finish the work.

Apart from these three, there are plenty of other types of scaffolding structures available that can be used to execute the daily jobs of a construction site. Trained and experienced workers can handle different types of scaffolding units to manage their daily tasks safely and efficiently.
STAK Scaffold offers all types of scaffolding services for different types of construction works. Please get in touch with us for more information.

How to Choose the Right Scaffolding Contractor for Your Project?

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Scaffolding is one of the most widely used structures you can see in almost all types of construction projects. Be it your home renovation plan or commercial construction – you will need a robust and efficient scaffolding structure to execute the daily tasks that involve reaching a certain height and accessing hostile areas.

Choosing the right scaffolding contract in Surrey is highly required to ensure the quality of the service you are getting. Certain factors determine the credibility of a company as a scaffolding expert in the local industry.

The Different Types of Scaffolding - Explained

Important Factors to Consider for Scaffolding Hire

Project Location

It will be helpful if you find someone local for scaffolding hire for your building project.
Hiring a company that is located far away from your project location will add more complexity. When you get the scaffold from out of the town, you need to pay extra for shipping and transport costs. This is why you must choose a local company with a great reputation.

Experience of the Team

Handling scaffolding is not easy. It demands in-depth knowledge and a lot of experience. There are vital factors that these experts have to understand, like project requirements, risks associated with the project, types of scaffolding, safety measures and modern technologies related to scaffolds. Without proper experience, no one can manage all these things smoothly and seamlessly.

Insured Services

Scaffolding use involves a lot of risks. A lot of construction workers get injured and die due to scaffolding accidents. Thus, you must consider hiring a scaffolding company that provides fully insured services. This will make you feel relaxed, and you know that the workers will be fully insured if anything bad happens while working on your project.

Safety Awareness

While working with scaffolding structures, it is mandatory to maintain all the safety protocols. Ensure that the scaffolding company you hire has definite specific policies, guidelines and regulations for safety. You should ask them about their safety regulations before you sign the deal with the company.

Training and Qualification

The company and its workers must have proper training about scaffolding installation and the process of disassembling the same. They should be well aware of their responsibilities while working on clients’ sites.

STAK Scaffold is a renowned scaffolding contractor in Surrey. We offer safe and efficient scaffolding services for all types of building projects. Our company offer fully insured services at are most competitive prices. Please get in touch with our team to know in detail about our services.

4 Scaffolding Mistakes in Construction: Know How to Avoid Them

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Scaffolding structures are designed and developed to offer maximum security and easy access to construction workers working in hostile positions. As long as you use these structures rightly, scaffold towers can be the most efficient and useful aid for construction projects, especially while working at height.

Construction workers need to go high while working on big projects. They also need to get easy access to difficult areas like under-construction lifts or the top of the roof of a tall building. Reliable contractors of Scaffolding in London can provide the right quality products and efficient services.

Nonetheless, if these structures are not used correctly, accidents can happen. Hence, improper knowledge or negligence can cause serious issues and open up the workers to major physical risks.

Common Scaffolding Mistakes

Working at Height in Strong Winds

No one should go and work at height when there is a strong wind blowing outside. Strong wind makes it difficult and risky to stand still at height. Though modern scaffolds always have additional safety measures like a handrail to ensure the utmost safety of the users, it is better to avoid using the tower if the wind is heavily blowing.

•Using Other Objects to Increase the Height

It is risky to add other objects like a chair or plastic box to the structure to gain a little bit more height to get a bit closer to your aimed spot. Scaffolding contractors never allow their users to do such things. Instead, you can ask them to make some modifications to the structure to make it more useful as per your requirements. Top scaffolding experts can offer bespoke design and style for their clients to fulfil their diverse requirements.

•Using Cheap Scaffold Towers

If you think that cheap scaffold towers will save you money, you are making a big mistake. Cheap structures will increase the risks and chance of having accidents which will be more expensive than the cost of the scaffolding service. You should always use top-quality scaffold towers from the most popular and reliable contractors of Scaffolding Surrey.

•Being Careless While Using Scaffolding Structures

Moving carelessly while using scaffolding towers will increase your life risk. It is advised by the experts to be highly careful and extra conscious about your safety while working at height. Follow the safety norms given by your scaffolding experts to avoid risks and injuries.

Stak Scaffold Ltd offers top-quality scaffolding solutions to businesses and individual clients located in London and Surrey. If you need one for your upcoming project, you can trust our services and products. We have vast experience in this industry. Our qualified experts can help you in avoiding mistakes and using the structures in the right way.
Please get in touch with us for more information.

Common Issues Which Can Damage Your Scaffolding System

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Best Scaffolding Services

High-quality scaffolds are an integral part of every construction site, irrespective of the size of your project. It enables construction workers to work at height without worrying about their safety. Modern scaffolds have changed the way how buildings are constructed.  You can hire the temporary structure and erect it quickly. You can reap all the benefits offered by it by choosing a reputable company for Scaffolding in West Sussex. The primary objective of erecting scaffolds is to make construction sites safer, so you should know the common issues that can damage the structure.

Things To Consider If You Want To Prevent Your Scaffolding System From Getting Damaged

Harsh Climatic Conditions

A sudden change in climate conditions can damage the system. Though you don’t have to worry much if you stay in a city experiencing a pleasant climate throughout the year, beware of extreme weather. High heat, cold, or excess precipitation can damage the equipment’s condition, and its material will start rusting. Even a bit of rust can deteriorate the condition of the system and eventually break it. Unpredictable weather can also cause unforeseen problems and delays in your construction project.

Overloaded Scaffolds

An overloaded scaffolding system can be pretty disastrous and compromise the safety of the people using it. It is the responsibility of construction workers to ensure that they don’t place more load on it than it is capable of withstanding. An overloaded can damage the system’s structural integrity.  The load capacity of each scaffold differs, so get in touch with the company offering scaffold hire to know the exact load capacity of the structure you have hired. It is not only about the load you are putting on the system; you should also avoid exceeding the maximum number of workers allowed at a time.

Lack Of A Competent Person

If you fail to hire a competent and trained person for erecting or dismantling the scaffolding system, the structure will be more prone to damage and destruction. The person should undergo proper training to identify existing or predictable hazards in its surroundings, especially in their working conditions. The safety of construction workers can get compromised due to hazardous or unsanitary working conditions. The person erecting or using the structure should have the authorisation to do it and undertake corrective measures to eliminate hazards.

Consider the points stated above, and you can prevent your scaffolding system from getting damaged.

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