Can A Neighbour Refuse Access for Scaffolding Know In STAK Scaffold Ltd. Details

Do you need immediate repairs in the upper corners or roof of the house? Then you definitely need to install a scaffolding for the workers to work on the same. However, neighbours can be a hurdle in this process. From external painting and plastering to repair works, scaffolding is necessary at every point. So if your neighbours in Croydon refuse access to scaffolding in Croydon in your house, then your painting and repairing process might need to be improved. 

If you’ve good terms with the neighbour, you can get mutual consent and permission and start the process. However, to know more about the same, read on. 

What are the circumstances when you need access to scaffolding?

Sometimes, you need the neighbours’ permission to use scaffolds in and around your property. These are the unavoidable circumstances:

  • When there’s a requirement for complicated repair and maintenance work.
  • When there are large repair works due for the house at elevated heights.
  • When the repair and maintenance needs are located near the neighbour’s property. 

Why does a neighbour refuse access to scaffolding?

If the scaffold structure comes in contact with your neighbour’s property, the neighbour might pose objections. However, if the scaffold has been constructed in the proximity area of your property, there are no legal obligations, and the neighbour cannot object. 

What is scaffold accessing order? 

If your neighbours are putting forward legal objections to the scaffold installation, you need to get legal orders for the same. The access order from the court will allow you to get the scaffold up in and around your property. With the help of an access order, the installers can even enter the neighbour’s property if necessary and install the scaffold accordingly. 

When will a scaffold access order be denied?

The access order will not hold good if the purpose of the scaffold is to enhance or beautify the property. The order works only if the property owner uses it to repair or preserve. For instance, if you want to make a property extension for your benefit, you cannot get this order sanctioned by the court. 

Again, if the court analyses and feels that the neighbour and their property will be hampered due to the scaffold, the court will not pass the access order. Moreover, if there is a chance that the scaffold will disturb the neighbours’ normal lives, then the access order will not be passed. 

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