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Your building project will benefit from the scaffolding. But are the scaffolds secure? The scaffolds and the users may be in danger from design, installation, changes, and dismantling. There are occasions you need to do the scaffold inspection requirements listed below.

Why does your scaffolding need an inspection?

Scaffolds are used to create a safe working platform while working at the heights. They are used during the construction of new buildings and refurbishments, outside and inside, and for roof work. There is always a high risk of working at such heights. In the last few years, workers have fallen off scaffolds, resulting in fatal accidents.

Moreover, it is always essential to remember that the scaffolds are used for the safety of the workers, not the cause of their injuries or death. That is why a knowledgeable person should inspect them properly and regularly. The times when the scaffolding needs to be inspected are:

Position that follows assembling or installation

Scaffolding is considered a piece of work equipment. Hence, the requirements call for inspection following installation or assembly. So, after the scaffold has been put up, the first inspection will occur. A handover certificate will often be used to document the check is done properly.

Choosing the proper access equipment will guarantee secure entry and exit and a safe working platform. The scaffolding must be checked by a qualified person who will ensure it is secure after installation and assemble it at any location. The scaffold must be used before the preliminary exam. The scaffold is safe to use once the inspection is successfully over.

At intervals not longer than seven days

The scaffold should undergo subsequent inspections at the right intervals after being deemed safe. After being deemed safe, the scaffold inspection requirements should go through additional at the proper intervals. It is to be remembered that it is a regular inspection work and needs to be done every week- till it is moved from the project site. When the scaffold is not used for a certain long time, which is more than seven days, it is safe to say that it should only be used with proper inspection. 

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