Common Mistakes with Scaffolding which Builders Should Avoid

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Scaffolding is one of the most integral parts of a construction project. One can find it in nearly all construction works, whether residential or commercial. The safety of the construction workers is the responsibility of the contractor. They opt for scaffolding, which is the best bet to ensure safety.

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The usage of a scaffolding structure is not child’s play. It needs to be installed properly. The builder should invest in a scaffolding in Brighton that has years of experience. They should put no compromise on safety. To ensure complete safety, they should reflect more on the safety standards.

What are the Common Mistakes Related to Scaffolding?

In this blog, one can learn about the common mistakes associated with installing scaffolding. A detailed take will help one identify and avoid these mistakes in their project.

Overlooking the Safety Hazards: While installing the scaffolding structure, one generally skips the safety talks. The builders generally do not heed the in-depth guidelines for using the scaffolds. This is a tremendous mistake that can be costly in future. Ignoring the safety instruction also means a violation of the construction safety laws.

Installing Scaffolds Incorrectly: The inaccuracies in scaffolding structure transcend many points. Some of these include incorrect attachment of points, usage of unsuitable tools and overloading. Incorrect installation can be detrimental as it makes the scaffold unstable. One also increases the chances of the collapse of the scaffold set-up. Proper communication among the construction team members can be helpful. It ensures precise installation of the structure.

Failing to Identify Safety Hazards: During the planning stage, the scaffold user should be proactive in identifying the possible risks of the project. They should be well aware of issues like electrocution, inclement weather, collapse risks and unstable equipment. They should ensure that the worker does not face these hazards. The scaffold should be installed once all these hazards are identified and resolved.

Using Poor Materials: Substandard scaffolding materials should not be used during a project. One should check the scaffolds provided by the supplier. Scaffolds made of poor materials increase the risks of collapse and fall-related injuries.

These are the main issues of scaffolding that one needs to keep in mind. One can get in touch with an expert in scaffolding in Brighton for better assistance. They have the proficiency and expertise to provide the best assistance. With their help, a contractor can remain to assure safety in installing the scaffolds.

When Can You Use a Scaffolding Tower at Your Project?

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As long as they use safely, scaffolding towers are one of the best tools to access areas at a construction site that are otherwise risky and tough to reach. However, many people think that scaffolds are not necessary for small scale projects. The fact is you can use scaffolding for various types of projects, irrespective of their size, type and scale.

Several types and designs are available for scaffolds based on the type of works they are used for. Be it construction, renovation or maintenance of a property – these towers can be strong support for your workers. There are certain factors to consider before you decide whether your project needs the support of a scaffold or not.

Risk Assessment of the Job

If a thorough risk assessment says that the use of scaffolding structure is required to ensure the safety of workers, you must use the same. A risk assessment must be done by experts as per the regulations of the local building council for a job where workers need to work at height.

Some people think that working at small residential projects does not require the use of scaffolds as a safeguard. The truth is you should not take the matter of safety lightly because you are working on your private property. Ladders can be an option for such works, but the use of robust scaffold units will always increase safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Types of Jobs When Scaffolds Are Highly Required

• Construction of brick walls new buildings
• For lifting objects and people from the ground to higher floors
• Plastering outer walls at the height
• Interior and exterior painting and decorating of walls
• Plastering and painting the ceiling
• Renovation of a building
• Repairs, replacement or renovation of roofing system
• Cleaning and repairing windows at a height

Why Your Project Needs a Scaffolding Tower?

Whenever you need to work at a height for a long period, scaffold units should be installed to provide complete support and ensure your safety at that point. These platforms help the workers;

• To reach a certain height
• To work safely
• To get enough foot space
• To get enough room to keep their tools at height
• To finish the work fast without wasting time

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