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Scaffolding is a complex framework made of pipes or wood that enables building contractors to securely construct and maintain structures. Scaffolding in Surrey that has been properly constructed is safe to operate and strong enough to support the load of construction personnel and their tools. Educating yourself about various scaffolding types could be useful if you have a construction-related job that frequently requires scaffolding. In this blog, we define scaffolding, examine various kinds of commonly used scaffolding and identify jobs that frequently utilise scaffolding.

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Types of scaffolding you need to know –

A crucial component of the majority of building projects is scaffolding. According to the particular requirements of a building project, construction workers employ several scaffoldings, each of which normally has distinct traits and advantages. The various kinds of scaffoldings you might see on a construction site are listed below:

Single scaffolding

Single scaffolding can be made to stand parallel to a building’s wall by adding vertical supports, referred to as standards. The horizontal supports, or ledgers, are attached to the standards at a vertical angle. Putlogs are openings in a building or other structures where scaffolding is connected for support. Brick masonry is the most popular application for single scaffolding.

A two-tier scaffold

Stone masonry is mainly used for double scaffolding since it is difficult to drill holes for putlog anchorage in stone walls. The second row of scaffolding in this style strengthens the overall support system. The first row is positioned apart from the second row and parallel to the wall. Extra plug holes support the frames. Rakers and cross braces give the scaffolding extra support.

Scaffolding with a cantilever

Construction workers utilise cantilever scaffolding when the ground is stable enough to hold the standards and when building a wall’s higher level. Needles protruding from a structure where a platform sits, provide support to the standards. Workers take the needles out of the holes in the building. Since this sort of scaffolding is frequently less stable than other varieties, extra care may be beneficial while building it.

Hanging scaffolding

This scaffolding platform is suspended from the top of a building by wires and chains. Thanks to a lever or computerised system, it can be lowered and raised as needed. Painters, window cleaners and repair workers frequently use this type of scaffolding.

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