4 Types of Scaffolding Used by Construction Workers

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Scaffolding is a complex framework made of pipes or wood that enables building contractors to securely construct and maintain structures. Scaffolding in Surrey that has been properly constructed is safe to operate and strong enough to support the load of construction personnel and their tools. Educating yourself about various scaffolding types could be useful if you have a construction-related job that frequently requires scaffolding. In this blog, we define scaffolding, examine various kinds of commonly used scaffolding and identify jobs that frequently utilise scaffolding.

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Types of scaffolding you need to know –

A crucial component of the majority of building projects is scaffolding. According to the particular requirements of a building project, construction workers employ several scaffoldings, each of which normally has distinct traits and advantages. The various kinds of scaffoldings you might see on a construction site are listed below:

Single scaffolding

Single scaffolding can be made to stand parallel to a building’s wall by adding vertical supports, referred to as standards. The horizontal supports, or ledgers, are attached to the standards at a vertical angle. Putlogs are openings in a building or other structures where scaffolding is connected for support. Brick masonry is the most popular application for single scaffolding.

A two-tier scaffold

Stone masonry is mainly used for double scaffolding since it is difficult to drill holes for putlog anchorage in stone walls. The second row of scaffolding in this style strengthens the overall support system. The first row is positioned apart from the second row and parallel to the wall. Extra plug holes support the frames. Rakers and cross braces give the scaffolding extra support.

Scaffolding with a cantilever

Construction workers utilise cantilever scaffolding when the ground is stable enough to hold the standards and when building a wall’s higher level. Needles protruding from a structure where a platform sits, provide support to the standards. Workers take the needles out of the holes in the building. Since this sort of scaffolding is frequently less stable than other varieties, extra care may be beneficial while building it.

Hanging scaffolding

This scaffolding platform is suspended from the top of a building by wires and chains. Thanks to a lever or computerised system, it can be lowered and raised as needed. Painters, window cleaners and repair workers frequently use this type of scaffolding.

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4 Scaffolding Mistakes in Construction: Know How to Avoid Them

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Scaffolding structures are designed and developed to offer maximum security and easy access to construction workers working in hostile positions. As long as you use these structures rightly, scaffold towers can be the most efficient and useful aid for construction projects, especially while working at height.

Construction workers need to go high while working on big projects. They also need to get easy access to difficult areas like under-construction lifts or the top of the roof of a tall building. Reliable contractors of Scaffolding in London can provide the right quality products and efficient services.

Nonetheless, if these structures are not used correctly, accidents can happen. Hence, improper knowledge or negligence can cause serious issues and open up the workers to major physical risks.

Common Scaffolding Mistakes

Working at Height in Strong Winds

No one should go and work at height when there is a strong wind blowing outside. Strong wind makes it difficult and risky to stand still at height. Though modern scaffolds always have additional safety measures like a handrail to ensure the utmost safety of the users, it is better to avoid using the tower if the wind is heavily blowing.

•Using Other Objects to Increase the Height

It is risky to add other objects like a chair or plastic box to the structure to gain a little bit more height to get a bit closer to your aimed spot. Scaffolding contractors never allow their users to do such things. Instead, you can ask them to make some modifications to the structure to make it more useful as per your requirements. Top scaffolding experts can offer bespoke design and style for their clients to fulfil their diverse requirements.

•Using Cheap Scaffold Towers

If you think that cheap scaffold towers will save you money, you are making a big mistake. Cheap structures will increase the risks and chance of having accidents which will be more expensive than the cost of the scaffolding service. You should always use top-quality scaffold towers from the most popular and reliable contractors of Scaffolding Surrey.

•Being Careless While Using Scaffolding Structures

Moving carelessly while using scaffolding towers will increase your life risk. It is advised by the experts to be highly careful and extra conscious about your safety while working at height. Follow the safety norms given by your scaffolding experts to avoid risks and injuries.

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