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Scaffolding is a temporary structure erected at construction sites to support workers and materials while constructing or repairing buildings. Few of the common materials used to build the structure are barrier netting, safety nets, tarpaulins, fence tarps and scaffold nets. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by the structure, enhance your knowledge about it.

Few Benefits Offered By Scaffolding In London

  • Reduce the risk of falling and by providing a horizontal area for workers to walk. The structure is robust enough to withstand strong wind. You don’t have to worry that strong wind will make it unstable.
  • Workers can easily reach places situated at a height if the structure covers the building completely.
  • Workers can properly balance themselves on the structure while working. 
  • Modern scaffoldings are movable so workers can reach different heights using the same unit.
  • Numerous workers can work together in the same structure which helps in completing the job quickly.

Few Common Types Of Scaffolding In London

  • Supported scaffolding is used on sites where you have to evaluate while working. They are capable of pulling up extra weight as they are quite strong.
  • Suspended scaffoldings are hung from tall constructs or roofs where there is no structural base. They are ideal for cleaning windows or the exteriors of high-rise buildings.
  • Single mobile unit scaffoldings are more popular than multi scaffolding units as the former is safer and you can move them from one construction site to another.
  • Rolling scaffoldings have wheels that allow the structure to move around the entire construction site. The only disadvantage is that you can’t construct numerous structures for the same building.
  • Aerial scaffolding is widely preferred by construction workers as it allows them to safely move with heavy materials from one level of a multi-storey building to another.

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