4 Vital Questions to Ask Your Potential Scaffolder

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A scaffolder can help you to finish the ongoing construction project smoothly. The use of scaffolding structures in construction projects is common worldwide. Construction workers, civil engineers, architects and project supervisors use these structures to get easy access to humans and goods at various points of the site.

Before you choose a professional scaffolder in Kent for your upcoming construction service, there are a few questions you must ask them to know their credibility and efficiency as a service provider.

Four Crucial Questions Your Scaffolder Must Answer

Can You Give a Quote?

All the professional scaffolding specialists always offer free quotes or no-obligation quotes to their potential clients. Typically they receive the requirements from their clients and then send the quote. You must not forget to consider your budget and the cost of the service while hiring this service. The quote must include the price of all the services you will receive from the company during the project. You must also ask if there are any additional dismantling or storage prices.

How Long Are You in This Business?

Scaffolding is one such business which demands skill and experience. It is necessary to check the relevant experience of the company before hiring. Are they familiar with projects like yours? Hence, it is important for you to find a scaffolder with vast experience in the current industry and in-depth knowledge about the latest techniques used in this. Only an experienced team can serve you with safe and sustainable service and understand how to overcome challenges and reduce the risk factors.

Can You Provide References and Testimonials?

In this current time, you can read online reviews about almost every company and business on the internet. Most reputable scaffolding websites have a dedicated section to publish clients’ testimonials. If you do not find anything like this on your scaffolder’s website, ask for some testimonials and references. They should provide you with some of their happy clients’ details. This will help you check their efficiency and authenticity as a trusted service provider.

Do You Provide Insurance?

It is highly required to deal with companies that offer fully insured services. Since scaffolding is one of the risky industries, hiring someone without insurance can make your job even riskier.
Stack Scaffold Ltd is a reputable company that provides scaffolding services in and around Kent. We offer fully insured services. Please get in touch with our team for more information.

4 Scaffolding Mistakes in Construction: Know How to Avoid Them

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Scaffolding structures are designed and developed to offer maximum security and easy access to construction workers working in hostile positions. As long as you use these structures rightly, scaffold towers can be the most efficient and useful aid for construction projects, especially while working at height.

Construction workers need to go high while working on big projects. They also need to get easy access to difficult areas like under-construction lifts or the top of the roof of a tall building. Reliable contractors of Scaffolding in London can provide the right quality products and efficient services.

Nonetheless, if these structures are not used correctly, accidents can happen. Hence, improper knowledge or negligence can cause serious issues and open up the workers to major physical risks.

Common Scaffolding Mistakes

Working at Height in Strong Winds

No one should go and work at height when there is a strong wind blowing outside. Strong wind makes it difficult and risky to stand still at height. Though modern scaffolds always have additional safety measures like a handrail to ensure the utmost safety of the users, it is better to avoid using the tower if the wind is heavily blowing.

•Using Other Objects to Increase the Height

It is risky to add other objects like a chair or plastic box to the structure to gain a little bit more height to get a bit closer to your aimed spot. Scaffolding contractors never allow their users to do such things. Instead, you can ask them to make some modifications to the structure to make it more useful as per your requirements. Top scaffolding experts can offer bespoke design and style for their clients to fulfil their diverse requirements.

•Using Cheap Scaffold Towers

If you think that cheap scaffold towers will save you money, you are making a big mistake. Cheap structures will increase the risks and chance of having accidents which will be more expensive than the cost of the scaffolding service. You should always use top-quality scaffold towers from the most popular and reliable contractors of Scaffolding Surrey.

•Being Careless While Using Scaffolding Structures

Moving carelessly while using scaffolding towers will increase your life risk. It is advised by the experts to be highly careful and extra conscious about your safety while working at height. Follow the safety norms given by your scaffolding experts to avoid risks and injuries.

Stak Scaffold Ltd offers top-quality scaffolding solutions to businesses and individual clients located in London and Surrey. If you need one for your upcoming project, you can trust our services and products. We have vast experience in this industry. Our qualified experts can help you in avoiding mistakes and using the structures in the right way.
Please get in touch with us for more information.

Scaffolding Safety Inspections: Know Everything in Details

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Most of the scaffolding regulations in the UK boil down to a single requirement – safety. There are specific rules and regulations that one needs to follow and timely inspections to guarantee scaffolding safety. Moreover, since scaffolding accidents continue to happen, an inspection of safety during scaffold installing and assembling is mandatory. Consult the reputable manufacturer and scaffolder  in Kent for guaranteed product and services.  


Scaffolding Planning Regulations 


The state’s planning procedure usually involves lots of work; however, the scaffolding contractors must have this information set for safe design.  


  • Data about the site location
  • Information on the building structure where they will use the scaffolding 
  • Time and duration of the project
  • The purpose of the scaffold
  • Other special requirements
  • Kind of scaffold access 
  • Estimate number of boarded lifts
  • Maximum load per lift
  • Condition of the ground
  • Necessary restrictions, if any


Given all these details, the contractors can now provide specific information to the user/client about the scaffold design and regulations which they have to adhere to- 


  • The type of scaffold
  •  Maximum lift heights
  • Maximum leg loads
  • Maximum lift heights
  • Arrangement for platform boarding 
  • The safe working load
  • Details of other unique requirements
  • Date, reference number, date etc. to record the procedure  

What is Scaffolding Inspection? 

A competent and trained person who has proper knowledge and experience in this field of work must execute the inspection of scaffolding structures. They must have expertise in examining all types and complexities of structure. In most cases, scaffolding inspections are a part of the service provided by scaffold manufacturing companies. Otherwise, some independent inspectors and or professionals perform this job.  


These professionals ensure that the scaffolding structure is safe, stable and secure. There are initial stages of the inspection followed by weekly ones to check for faults. Complete scaffold evaluations are also a must after storms or other severe weather conditions.  


The comprehensive report will include the following details –


  • Name and address of the client who hired the scaffolding
  • Name, the position of the in-charge inspector
  • Time and date of inspection
  • The location where the inspection happened
  • Detailed report of risks and hazards, faults and how to resolve them instantly 
  • Notice of any further action like halting work until after they do proper repairs etc 

Who can carry out Scaffolding Inspection? 


This is an essential service to ensure the complete safety of the scaffold structure that you will use. Consult independent inspectors whose job is to execute this task after scaffolding installation is complete. These inspectors will charge additional fees for this task.  


On the other hand, some companies provide inspection as part of the total service of the scaffolding work. The team members will carry out inspections which will save you the expense of additional costs.  


Check whether these inspectors have undergone the CISRS scaffold inspection course to acquire competency for examining scaffold structures. For complex commercial scaffolds, hiring a CISRS advanced cardholder is necessary. 


For more information, consult Stak Scaffold for assured, high-quality professional scaffolding structure. 


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