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Construction is one of those industries in the UK where the rate of on-site accidents, injuries, and death is higher than in other fields. Thus, the requirement of maintaining the safety of workers is also more crucial in construction sites than other industries where risks are involved in various forms. This is why construction business owners, site managers, civil engineers and workers always prefer to use scaffolding towers to ensure safety at the site in London.

What is a Scaffolding Structure?

These are the temporary platforms used to support and elevate materials and construction workers, engineers, architects and others during their daily operations of the building, repairing, renovating and cleaning of a structure or equipment.

Whether it is a lofty flyover, a bridge on a river or a high-rise building in the middle of the city – these platforms will ensure that the workers can reach a certain height and point as per the requirements of their daily schedules along with materials and their tools.

These platforms are designed and built to perform different tasks that are common in construction sites. Some have ladders, some have planks of convenient sizes, and some have handrails or foot areas to support the users depending on the use and form.

Why Scaffolding is a Good Choice for Construction Sites?

• The main benefit of using a reliable scaffolding tower at a construction site is it provides support to workers and ensures their safety at height.

• Apart from that, one can get easy access to loft spots in a building while constructing, renovating, cleaning or repairing any components of the same.

• These platforms provide enough space for the workers to sit, stand, walk and carry out their daily work peacefully.

• These platforms are also used to carry various materials and tools to save the time and effort of workers.

Most Common Types of Scaffolding Structures Used in Construction

• Single Scaffolding
• Double Scaffolding
• Steel Scaffolding
• Suspended Scaffolding
• Cantilever Scaffolding
• Patented Scaffolding
• Trestle Scaffolding

These are some of the most common types of platforms that are often used in various construction sites in and around London. Even if you are working on some small scale renovation project or cleaning job at your home, the use of the right scaffolding unit will help you to carry out the task fast and reduce risks.

Stak Scaffold Ltd is one of the leading scaffolding service providers in London. We deliver and install different types of structures as per the requirements of clients’ projects.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

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