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When construction work is being done, the builder follows all safety features. The labourers work on heights, which exposes them to different types of dangers. To prevent any untoward incident, the builders generally install scaffolds at the construction site.

Importance of Scaffolding:

Scaffolds are temporary metal platforms which protect the builders from accidents. You can spot them on all construction sites. Steel and aluminium are the two popular metals used in the manufacture of scaffolding.

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Why Are Builders Choosing Aluminium Scaffolding?

The builders who use scaffolding in London are choosing aluminium over steel. In this blog, you can find the top reasons behind this choice.

Light in Weight: Aluminium scaffolding weighs much lesser than steel. The builders have to worry less about transporting the structures to different locations. The weight of the whole structure makes it easy to store, install and dismantle it easily.

Long-Lasting: Aluminium scaffoldings can withstand all weather conditions compared to other metals. The inner core of the scaffolding does not get damaged even when it gets scratched. Aluminium also has better water resistance properties than steel. The structure can be utilised for a long haul as it is rustproof.

Reduced Labour Cost: There is a reduced need for labour while installing and dismantling aluminium scaffolding. The parts of the structure can be easily transported to a smaller vehicle. This means the builders need fewer people to carry the scaffolding structure. The aluminium scaffolding is also integral in reducing the overall material cost.

Easy to Use: The aluminium scaffolds come with strong casters. This helps the installation and disassembling process easier than other metal scaffoldings. The base of the scaffold is connected by bolts, which helps to establish a robust structure. It also does not need any additional tools for installation. These features help to reduce the time for installation and dismantling.

Versatile Usage: Aluminium scaffoldings can be used in a number of projects. You can get the narrow span and wide span scaffolds for construction work. They also come with folded base structures, which help you establish the base of the scaffolding instantly. You may also brief the manufacturers to get bespoke scaffold structures.

For the above reasons, aluminium is emerging as a steady competitor to steel scaffoldings. If you want to ensure fast and hassle-free construction work, consult Stak Scaffold. We are a reputed supplier of scaffolding in London. We cater to all construction projects by providing strong and durable scaffolding structures.

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