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Scaffolds have major importance in the construction industry. It is a temporary structure built to provide the required support to the workers on the construction site and for repairs of buildings. There is a wide range of scaffolding in London to choose from. A qualified engineer can guide you in choosing the most appropriate type for your job. Here are the answers to the most often-asked questions.

General Questions Asked About Scaffolding

Can I Build the Scaffold Myself?

Safety tops the list when planning scaffolding for a task. There are no safety shortcuts, so hiring a professional scaffolding company is recommended. A company with extensive experience in the industry can provide end-to-end scaffold services, from installation to dismantling. Work with those trained and certified to perform the job to avoid any possible accidents.

What is the Difference Between a Swing Stage and Suspended Scaffolding?

Swing stages are one of the most common types of suspended scaffolds seen at construction sites. There are also various other varieties that include cantilever, float, interior hung, multi-level, single-point adjustable, and multi-point adjustable.

What is the Difference Between a Buck Hoist and Construction Elevator?

A hoist is a type of construction elevator erected on either the inside or outside of a building that is under construction. You can use it for the movement of both materials and men. You can also install a buck hoist permanently.

How to Determine the Scaffolding Cost?

The size of a project determines the cost of scaffolding. The professionals will require visiting the side and also conveying your requirements to them. They will then be able to give you a quotation for the service. There are many companies that provide scaffolding services at the best prices.

What are the Most Common Types of Scaffolding?

There are two types of scaffolding that are used majorly. System Scaffolding and Suspended Scaffolding.

System Scaffolding: It’s the safest alternative when you need an easy-to-install scaffolding product. It helps in saving money by using 50% lesser pieces.

Suspended Scaffolding: Installing scaffolds at extremely high elevations can be difficult. But it is designed in such a way that it is ideal for working on tall buildings.

At Stak Scaffold Ltd, we are a leading company providing the best scaffolding in London at competitive prices. We serve both domestic and commercial purposes. Contact us today if you have any scaffolding requirements for your project.

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