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It is hard to imagine a construction site without scaffolding structures. Irrespective of the size and pattern of the construction project, the use of robust scaffolding is common in London and all over the UK.

However, different types of construction works use different types of scaffolds as per the pattern of the job and the structural designs of the scaffold. It would be useful for you when you ask your scaffolding contractor about the best kind of structure your project should use based on the ongoing tasks. Experienced scaffold specialists can inspect the site to determine the type of scaffolds you should hire and install. If you are not sure about the type, their suggestions will help you a lot.

Types of Construction Works that Need Scaffolding

Interior Painting, Renovation and Refurbishing: Trestle Scaffolding

Construction sites that involve indoor works like painting, repairs and renovation typically use Trestle Scaffolding. It is generally used up to the height of 5m and idea for works inside rooms. Movable ladders provide support to a flat working platform. In some kind of trestle scaffolds, you can even see the use of tripods instead of movable ladders.

Construction and Repair Works at Higher Levels: Steel Scaffolding

When workers need to access remote and high locations at a construction site, they need something robust, durable and reliable. Steel Scaffolding is one such structure. They are stronger and more reliable in comparison to timber scaffolds. It allows workers to access height without any risks and perform the tasks of construction and renovation easily.

Construction of Larger Walls: Cantilever Scaffolding

When your construction site has large walls to build, and the top levels of these walls are completed, you can use Cantilever Scaffolding to construct the lower parts. If the ground is close to the wall and it remains free from traffic, this type of scaffolding is the finest option for workers. This special structure does not need the support of the ground. Therefore if the ground is not prepared enough to hold the scaffold, this would be the most useful way to finish the work.

Apart from these three, there are plenty of other types of scaffolding structures available that can be used to execute the daily jobs of a construction site. Trained and experienced workers can handle different types of scaffolding units to manage their daily tasks safely and efficiently.
STAK Scaffold offers all types of scaffolding services for different types of construction works. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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